Yang & Jay

Introducing the 2 energetic boys of Gabriel Mendes:



I was pleasantly surprised (actually I was laughing infront of the PC) when I first saw what Gabriel blogged). Then when he asked me if I was ready for the 2nd surprise, I thought it’s gonna be a photo of himself holding my album as he had mentioned earlier. But ta-dah it’s the 2 cute boys – Yang who seemed a bit shy, and Jay happily showing my album to the camera! My heart literally melted :’)

And when I went past HMV at Citilink with Tien-yao last Wed, we were both surprised to see this:

HMV Citilink on 22 Apr 09

Thanks to all of you who have bought a copy (or more) of the album, I am really touched. Hopefully there’ll be a performance soon so I can say my thanks in person! 😀

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