Xmas Parties

Yesterday marked the start of a string of Xmas parties to come!

It was the first Xmas party for me at my Jap boss’s house. What greeted me when I first step into the house (other than the family of course), is a Yamaha Clavinova piano, along with a mic on a mic-stand, 2 electric guitars and 1 bass guitar and an amplifier. WOW! It’s like my dream house 😀

And actually other than the family members, family photos and some japanese accent, there really was nothing japanese about the house. That, to me, is interesting. 🙂

It was also my first time meeting some of the staff in S2S, and I like the fact that it’s so family. I discovered many interesting facts about the boss, and it does put my mind even more at ease that I’ve made a very good choice of signing on to this label. And the dog Kty is a darling!

Merry Xmas everyone. Enjoy the sexy French accent by Phoebe at 3:30:


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