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Recently a bride-to-be called me out of the blue, and when I saw the missed call I panicked a little. We had met earlier once to discuss on me writing a wedding song for her. The meeting went very well, and I had liked her personality very much already back then – very forthright, considerate, kind, affable etc. But after that meeting, things got busy for both of us, and we never really got to contact each other even via email. I realised she still ‘owe’ me some information for me to compose the song only about 1 month before the wedding, and even then, I assumed to myself that she had changed her mind, and so I left it as that.

So that day when I receive her call, I was a little nervous, because I really don’t want to compose a wedding-song, get someone to arrange, do the recording and mixing in 1 mth (it could have been done, but I hate rushing). I can’t remember word for word, but when I call back, her first few words (and subsequent) went something like,  “Don’t worry I’m not calling to chase you for the song…it’s my fault, I know I needed to get back to you but I was so busy I really forgot about it. Yah it’s ok, don’t worry. I just felt like I needed to call, cos I really don’t like to leave things hanging…”

I was really really blown away by this lady. After the call, my first emotion was guilt. I could have called, follow up and ask about it, even though I had assumed she probably wasn’t keen to follow through on the plan (which is ok by me).  Then a wave of admiration hit me. This lady has such a lucky husband!

Then it really set me thinking about how I would usually prefer to go by my passive side and let all things slide away from me.  The feeling is so detestable, and yet it is the default by (my) nature. And so, if all things happen for a reason, I think this lady’s appearance in my life sure has taught me something. I got it.

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