What I’m up to these days – Music Production

I honestly thought that I’d be taking a breather this year after《我认识过的人》’The People I’ve Known’ was released last year. I couldn’t be more wrong. Things are stacking up for my record label The Storyteller Waves. I’m happy that we’re telling more and more stories through original songs!

The first thing to come my way was Channel U’s info-documentary “Songs Of Who We Are”, which featured me writing a song out of the experience I had during the shoot . The song 《白日梦的美》was composed in between the gruelling 10-hour shoot (for 7 days!), and I’m so glad that… I survived! (Listen to the single from 40mins 42s here:)

Immediately after, I wrote the theme song for one of Mediacorp’s kids comedy serial drama (to be aired sometime in July), and this time round, I was happy to record Juni Goh (lead singer from Micappella)! He is one high-energy and fun person to be around with!

I was also honoured to produce a song for a good friend of mine, who wanted to have the song as a surprise 10th-year anniversary gift for her husband. Now, this song was actually composed by the husband for her in the days of courtship… but she turned the table around by recording her vocals as a gift to him. That to me is sooooooooo sweet! (Guess what, we even managed a conspiracy to have the husband record guitars for the song without him suspecting anything. LOL)

Crossing the production time path was another single which will be released very soon by Wenzhou-born indie singe-songwriter Eve Su. The meaningful song (in collaboration with her super adorable 4-year-old brother) really warms my heart. Watch out for its upcoming release!

(Mixing Eve’s single at YellowBox with maestro Frank Lee, and I love this tag ‘Imagine’ on the wall!)

I have a super HUGE music project coming up for the second half of the year, and I wonder if my jaw would break from trying to devour the delicacy! We shall see. I am so excited and vibrating in good energy. 🙂

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