A National Day Note: What I love about Singaporeans

I was getting on with my day, busy as usual, when a sudden thought dropped by:

I love the ‘live-for-the-moment’ spirit of the French people.

I love the German’s penchant for precision.

I love the Japanese’ consideration for communities.

I love the wits and humour (esp. deprecating ones) of the British people.

I love the joy Filipinos always seem to own.

I love the passion of the Italians.

I love the confidence of the Americans.

Singaporeans…What would you say?

Strangely. I had a hard time coming up with a positive word. The things that came to me first were ‘kiasuism’, tissue paper packet, food, then [another] food again, catastrophe-free, etc. But I couldn’t come up with a positive adjective to describe Singaporeans. I finally settled on this.

I love the efficiency of Singaporeans.

How about you? We really should celebrate. Throw me some positive adjectives!

Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore.

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