What a wedding!

I got to know the bride, Julia, from my class at Alliance Francaise (AF), and after coming down to give support at my French chansons gig at the Esplanade earlier in July this year, she decided to engage my band to perform at her wedding. I have to say this is really one of the wildest weddings I’ve ever been to. Check it out here.

Because of Julia’s wedding, I got to know a French man, Gilles, who has been living in Singapore since 28 years ago! A very talented artiste (photographer/artist/writer), the photos in the link above may seem too wild for an introduction, but hey, everyone is multi-faceted, right?

So there were 2 tables of French people (in my head I was like, why does Julia have sooo many French friends? C’est très bizarre!). Anyway my point is, it is always stressful to sing French to the ‘real stuff’ because..I don’t know, I just become a little more tense, because French people can be very very very nice, or very xxx (Joel my keyboardist friend agreed too). So to make myself more relaxed, I made a little joke before singing the first French song La Mer: If you can understand what I’m singing, then it’s probably because I’m quite a good student at Alliance Francaise. If unfortunately you don’t, then that might mean the professors at AF are not really doing their job. (Wooooooooops ok before anyone random reads this and wanna hit me, yes yes they’re doing a good job else I wouldn’t still be there)

Even though Gilles said to me ‘On a tout compris’ (We understood everything), well you can never be sure. The funniest thing was, when they know I can speak a little French and tried to speak a little to me, my shell took over and I clamped up like this –> :x

Ok, not totally, but I wish I can speak more. I really must find ways to overcome this :(

But Gilles, Gilles had no problem whatsoever with singing foreign language songs infront of many Chinese – he did a clever medley of the Mandarin classic ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ and the French classic ‘La Vie En Rose’. During the rehearsal, I wrote the correct hanyupinyin for him even though he had his own code of pronounciation down on black and white. On the actual day, to my surprise, he memorised everything and delivered the whole song in perfect Mandarin. It was really WAH!

And, I love the dance segment :)

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