We’re up on the chart!

Ok people we did it!!

The title song 《我认识过的人》has made it up the chart of Y.E.S.933 (龙虎棒)

Click here for your visuals!

You can be a part of this crowd-funded album by voting the song up … some more!

You can do this by:

Sending an sms to “LHB (space) BEVLYN (Space) WO REN SHI GUO DE REN (space) YOUR NAME (space) YOUR NRIC NUMBER (space)” to 1460 72346.

Each sms costs $0.32. Each person can vote for multiple songs, but only once for each song.
发简讯 “LHB (空格)Bevlyn(空格)我认识过的人(空格)你的名字(空格)你的身份证号码” 到1460 72346。每则投票简讯收费$0.32。


Thank you for your 32 cents. Let’s continue this crowd-funding experience! ^_^

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