Weighting – phew!

I was having my heart in my mouth before MM Lee finally opened his mouth to comment on the weighting for mother tongue.

This topic led me to surf the net and I came across a blog by one of my friends. Her entry was hilarious (to me), and I thought I should share with people who care about this topic:

“i guess the policy-makers realized that if they were to reduce the weighting for mother tongue, there would be new requests to reduce weightings for mathematics, science etc.. after all, the government can’t possibly suka suka reduce the weighting for one subject just because some weaklings are struggling with it right? if things were that simple, students need not worry about doing badly in certain subjects they are weak at, because hey! if i do badly i can just make noise and the government will reduce the weighting of that subject!

we don’t hear the malays complaining about learning malay, neither do we hear the japanese or french bitching about their own language, so why are the singaporean chinese such a whiny bunch?

learning two languages is to our own advantage mah. why don’t we just deal with it and move on.”

What a rant!

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