Wedding dings (heaven) and dongs (hell)

I sing most regularly at weddings, and I see couples at their happy moments, if not happiest, in their lives.

Off the stage, I hear horror stories of couples contemplating separation, divorce; some with their spouses facing adultery issues; some have not had sex with their partners for ‘n’ years; some have ‘no (more) feel’ for their spouses blah blah. Many drift further and further away from their partners, and have no idea how to pull each other back.

Heaven and Hell on the chessboard, either one brewed from the same two players. How do you want yours to game?

One of the worst reasons to get married is simply that your partner had happened to like you back (amongst others’) – things developed smoothly from there, the marriage card was flashed because it’s one of those cards that ought to be flashed along the way, and if you don’t marry her, you are probably an a**hole  Honestly, if I were in the girl’s shoes, I would rather you abandon me at the aisle before we swear to be “man and wife for sickness and good health forever”, and strings of words which hold no true value unless actions follow (in this case, over the span of a lifetime).  Words are so cheap these days, they come in all forms; letters, emails, sms, msn messages, whispers, sweet-nothings. It’s the actions that count, idiot.

Almost every expensive item in this modern world now can be sustained using installments. While sustaining a household entails monetary installments, can we sustain marriage by paying our spouses installments of commitment and loyalty, spread out over the span of a lifetime, especially when times are bad?

As someone standing outside this game called marriage, I am certainly in no position to comment too much. I’m not here to be a judge who wields the hammer, but….. how do I trust what lies ahead?

In bad times, I know what Monica would tell me if I ask her this.

C’est trop compliqué. Mais je dois avoir foi.

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