Wedding Craze

Crazy September has begun. 6 weddings in just the past week. 6 more coming this week.


There’s something about brides-to-be. It’s the glow on their faces…

And I noticed something, after seeing a gazillion photo montages and wedding pictures – 90% of the couples have the same smile. Lips are shaped the same, especially when they smile.

But I’m determined to continue with French lessons, Waltz lessons and erm, my pseudo-bf guitar-learning which I haven’t touched for n days.

In bad times I just tell myself it’s too easy to give up, and when I do, that’s when I can be sure I won’t succeed in that stuff. Like erm, the tap-dancing shoes which lie silently in the shoe rack.

And OMG, other than new vocab, I can actually understand and hear word for word what my French teacher says in class! What tearful achievement :’D <– tears of joy. Only thing is, wth do I squeeze time to do les devoirs?

I’m bored I want to PLAY :(

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