The Walk (9-10months)

Where do I start.. everything has changed so much since my last post. The biggest change being that he started… walking at 9 months! Never did I imagine that he would start to walk so early. Some would celebrate the early onset and for me, I think I’m just surprised, but also relieved that I don’t have to go through the worrying phase of ‘when is my baby going to start to walk?’. The downside is, the chase starts earlier too!

But yes, now that he walks, he practically walks from the moment he opens his eyes right to the time when it’s time for the next nap. NON-STOP. And that can be an hour up to 2 hours. Unless we grab him for a meal, or sit him down for some play time, he would just keep flapping his arms/hands and walk round the whole house (almost like a headless chicken). My parents have been chiding me for not feeding him enough because he is so skinny. Hello!??? When you have a baby who walks 1-2 hours, 3 times a day, how to put on weight??

A video montage of ‘the walk’:

And here is the new love that keeps him seated (for a while)

…and the first (and only time) we caught him doing this!

Why he was kissing himself.. we had no idea…but my favourite bit was when he noticed us looking at him and he backed off lol.

And Buddy & Baby Dave’s usual dynamics:

Don’t ask us why we don’t bother buttoning the end of his romper. Ok, we are just plain lazy haha, and well sometimes it’s good not to have it too tight down there you know!

British AhBeng

Other than walking, what I love about this 9-10months age is that he now knows how to come to me and hug my thigh when he wants attention.. or raise his arms when he wants to be carried..and rest his head and body on my chest when I carry him upright…  it’s such a sweet feeling to be wanted/loved by a baby…(no wonder people keep procreating despite all the tiredness and hassle..well there’s got to be some perks to warrant having offsprings!). The downside is, we have bought all sorts of baby safety measures and gates, it feels like the whole house is on lock down. And did I mention that he now loves to swing doors open and close…which means he sometimes shut the door with himself all alone in the room. Wahahaha how clever.

And here’s a boliao comic to end off this post (we were at Ikea and chanced upon this super adorable chair…)

Ikea Comic


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