Wake me up when September ends…

Finally having a little breather. Sometimes life passes by me so fast … realising that it’s September (or any month in a year besides Jan) just gave me a jolt. Realisation of Mr Time’s new age always alarms me. But I suppose, we all appreciate and move on 🙂

Quick peek!

Moving images: | Clicknetworktv | OMY |

Seems like a few photos/videos/prints huh? But it took a village, and I’m thankful to my record label for the tons of work done behind the scene over the past few months!

Photos/videos are but souvenirs of the times that passed; the true capture is the experience learnt. What I thought I like and want, I realised I don’t; what I thought I may not accept, I realised I may. We all learn someday new everyday 🙂

This post is a quick note to thank all of you who have been giving me your support; the knowledge of your support still touches me every time. 🙂

On the pipeline is another public performance in mid October, and I’d love to see you there!

It’s just beginning to get interesting, and exciting. 🙂

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