Voulez-vouz coucher avec moi ce soir

When I laid eyes on this T-shirt, I knew instantly that this is the present to give for a friend who has helped me a lot in my music career. No no no, don’t misunderstand, he has just gotten married, and the T-shirt is really just a joke! I just imagine him walking around the street with the T-shirt, and to me, that’s really funny. Don’t lose your sense of humour ok :)

The french exam is less than 2 months away, and I am really feeling the stress. I wish there is someone I can practise french with! One of my classmates suggested we play “Taboo” in french – ok, that’s really too much. What I’ve been doing is to talk to myself in french and I think I am going crazy, because sometimes I don’t know if I said it right or wrong. :(

And now I gotta learn a Spanish song, so it’s totally screwing my pronunciation system. :(
How do I even start to memorise something I don’t understand?

Btw, the T-shirt asks “Will you sleep with me tonight”. You can hear it here:


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