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And so… I’ve been teaching singing for 15 years, but it’s something that I haven’t been shouting about all these years. However on reflection, teaching singing is the one thing that has proven itself over and over again that is least effortful for me, and most impactful. The satisfaction of seeing my students improve week after week, and over duration of months and years is indescribable. Sometimes I do wonder how full-time teachers (be it academics or passion-related activities) can do this year in year out, but sometimes i do catch myself understanding – because the satisfaction can be immense.

So I’m dedicating some time to build up my private student base under SingingTechniques, and I’ll be launching a YouTube channel to share some tips and insights into singing. Do subscribe here first if you want to be notified when the first video comes up! 🙂

Am giving a 50% discount for trial lessons for limited period. Share this with friends who might be interested, and email info@singingtechniques.sg for details. 🙂

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