Upcoming Acts – Local!

I’ve been wanting to blog about these 2 local acts:

1. RazzlePlay

Vincent (leader and electric guitarist of the band) and I both agree that, doing a DIY album by oneself stretches one thin, but to have a whole band with each one having their own ideas, that’s chaotic! But RazzlePlay did it, and I have to say I am very impressed by their efforts, dedication, what they’ve thus far achieved (one of their songs are on the charts of 1003 now!), and what’s coming down the pipeline!

And if you’ve actually missed this tight and energetic band completely so far, you’re welcome to drop by to the series of free performances (5 Saturdays) they have lined up for you, with the first one beginning on 26 Apr, all over Singapore. Check out the dates here! Preview one of their hit songs here.

2. Matthew Quek

If you had heard Matthew sing, his passion for music could hardly escape you. He had recently gotten the famed jazz artiste Jeremy Monteiro to produce and play for his 5th album (5th!!). I was awed when I learnt from Matthew that this album was ‘done’ in 4 separate recording sessions (only!).  Here are some clips from the album. This, is my favourite.

If you’re keen to hear him ‘ live’, catch him @ HMV (Orchard Heeren) on 1st May @ 7pm. The actual launch is on 10 May @ Love The World Soul Rock Bistro & Bar (singapore flyer) #02-05. RSVP here.

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