U-weekly mag_28 Apr 08

U-weekly mag_28 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Thanks to Tina who called me for a phone interview out of the blue one day. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, I thought it’s just a matter of time before someone picks up on the fact that there is a sudden influx of indie singers, and it would be cool if a writeup could be done on that.

And ta-da!!!! Voila!

Yes, now you know my real age haha.
One question lingered with me for some time before I decided to brush it off – Tina asked me if I feel too old to come up with an album only at this age. She didn’t include this in the writeup, but my first response was – yes, I do think so, given the fact that I’ve been doing music for 5 years. But I cited Corrine May as an example – her debut album was also released at the age of 29. I am not trying to compare myself to her, we all know she’s like damn good; my point is, I think listeners nowadays are more mature now, where indie music is appreciated all over the world (look at MySpace Music among many others), and the fact that more mature singers do not necessarily mean it’s the end of the road (eg. story behind Yang Zong Wei).

Ok, anyway, I have received some feedback – mostly regarding autograph-signing sessions. Hmmmph.

I’ve been trying hard to find opportunities to perform locally (i.e. autograph sessions can come after that), but it’s sooooooooo hard. I don’t mind performing for free to public now, but it’s really tough to find venues. If you have any ideas in mind, let me know!

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