U weekly 28May08 (Last Radio Show…for now)

U weekly 28May08 Part 1, to read Part 2, click here.

This is erm, quite outdated, but just for the records, it’s going up my blog.

It was a mad rush for the last show. I went to catch Sonny Rollins‘ (first and probably last in Singapore) concert at the esplanade, and had to leave at 1020pm. Reached at 1050pm and after some mad rush, went on-air soon after.

A break will do us good, cos we want to do a comeback with a more interesting lineup. Yeah!

Thanks to Tina who did the phone interview and writeup. Tien-yao had no idea his face was in the circulation of U-weekly mag until I showed him!

And of course thanks to Dengli who took the pic for us (printing didn’t turn out to be as nice as original though!)

Last but not least, thanks to Ken for being such a conscientious and fun DJ! :)

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