Toy Museum

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I’d been wanting to go to this Mint Museum of Toys for AGES! Finally we set foot into this wonderland and lo and behold, the history of toys came pouring over me left right centre – how Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Batman, Popeye, Barbie dolls etc evolved over the years… It was so nostalgic to also see styrofoam DIY planes, blow-bubble-balloon-toys, shuttlecocks, old-school skipping ropes etc for sale –> You really have to go and see for yourself to feel the wash of nostalgia.

One of the best things that happened was…we bumped into the boss of the museum! I had known that it’s opened by a local.. when I went to the top level (the café), I saw a boss-looking man very at ease in the café; so I asked teasingly if he is the boss. To my amazement, he said yes. Then began a surprise personalised guide-tour of the signage in the café, most of which span from the 1920s! From the horse’s mouth, the museum will undergo a makeover soon, so go now while you still can see the original look!

2 days later, I was browsing my friends’ blogs; imagine my surprise when I see these absolutely lovely pictures

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