To Mr Jason Mraz,

Dear Jason,

First of all, this may not be most appropriate place to write about this, but I am praying that you will read all your blog comments. I’m writing this to you because I’m very angry that a friend of mine is going to Perth to watch your concert in Aug, and I can’t because of some lousy work commitment. I just went to your TOUR PAGE (still listening to your TOUR PAGE song), and I am utterly SURPRISED and DISAPPOINTED that you would not be stopping by SINGAPORE, when you’re going as far as Australia from Japan!

Jason you have fans in Singapore!! Your CD has been number 1 on Singapore’s HMV for weeks. Please stop by Singapore! Utube and MySpace are not enough. We want you in Singapore on a stage. Please come to Singapore (this year, because my friend promised to buy me a 1st row ticket if you do come to Singapore within this year)!

Your exasperated fan,


My friend said I’m insane. Whatever. Life is not worth living if I cannot even write a harmless letter to my idol.

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