….of holdin my head up high all the time…Isn’t it tiring if you keep looking into the sky?

Like a kite on a draft flowing toward the ground….I just need a lift…

But I’m so heavy…..so tired…With constant reminders of real deaths, and manoeuvrings amongst unknowns….

Is it me? Again?

But I did all that I could. It was a different set of situation. I gave my best.

Is this what life is about?

I need the freedom to create. The freedom to take charge in what I believe in.

Do you believe in me?

I do. Because I know myself the best. No second person can claim that.

The wind blows in all directions. Maybe it’s my time to rest a while.


I just attended Babyface’s concert…he’s such an amazing songwriter (and singer). R&B and soul is my love, and I basically grew up listening to his songs…


Maybe I just need to re-find my soul.

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