Things I love in Aug 09

Awwww….. This is toooooo much!!

Loving Giraffes

Supper after weddingsssssss….It was a reunion cos one of the pianists (Jon) was back in town from studies!

ALD Reunion (8 Aug 09)

Ah Ken holding my album when he saw it in a mega-bookstore  (诚品书局) in Taiwan!

Ken in Taiwan

I saw this car after watching Harry Potter..happily snapping away and wondering who the cool owner is (1st pix). Guess what, the next day I saw him on the road (2nd pix)!!!

Funky car (side) Funky car (back)

I was so happy that my friends and I could perform and do our little bit to raise funds for the children. During my stint at a family service centre, I used to apply for financial assistance for needy families; the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund was always the first to head for, cos I knew it could mean a difference of empty or filled stomachs for some children at schools…Thanks to those who went to support (we know it’s out of the way). Then to congratulate ourselves for our efforts (lol), James, Wah Yong and Shawn and I, we went to River Vallery for supper, then Jazz @ Southbridge, then Harrys to swing to cool music. How sinful.

Gift From the Heart

A fun nite out with gorgeous Alicia (right, my Spanish teacher turned friend),  and gorgeous Ana (left, her Spanish friend in town) with Tien-yao holding the camera. Hola guapas!! :p

Hola Guapas!

3 thoughts on “Things I love in Aug 09

  1. bevlyn!! when did you start learning spanish??? (:

    i just finished my beginner 1, then very busy with uni, but i’ll continue beginner 2 in dec!!! 😀 i love it!!! v sad i’m stopping for now 🙁

    yay next time can talk to you in spanish!!


    <3 michelle

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