The making of music video for 《請你不要說》

In preparation for the publicity of my album “Feel About You” in Hong Kong at the HK Asian-Pop Music Festival (which was on 23 Mar 12), S2S did a music video for me! 為了在香港的“香港亞洲流行音樂節宣傳我的專輯《Feel About You》,S2S 為我籌備了一隻mv!


It was a hard job for the crew, because it was a 18 – 20 hour job for them… I woke up at 5am for make-up by the lovely Connie, and by 7am we were at the shoot location. 拍mv實在不簡單,工作人員忙碌了18-20個小時。我凌晨5點就起床化裝,7點就到拍攝現場。


And this, is shoot location #1. 以下就是景點#1。

I love the idea of all. However it was not fun to be there at all… A ladder was not high enough to get us up, so we had to walk (a long way) from one end to get to the specific spots on the pipes. There were no mattresses below us should we fall or if any of the instruments drop. And for that, I should give medals of courage to my guitarist Justin, violinist Selwyn, and bassist Melvin for agreeing to do this, and wake up extra early (which is hell for musicians) to do this with me. 我好喜歡這樣比較特別的idea。可是當場在那可不是好玩的。。一把樓梯都還不夠讓我們攀上鋼管,所以我們必須從遙遠的一端走到指定位置。鋼管下沒有床墊之類可預防我們跌個破頭血流,所以我應該頒個”勇氣“獎給我的吉他手Justin,小提琴手Selwyn, 貝斯手Melvin 願意這麼投入,而且還那麼早起床。。。(音樂人最怕的就是早起!)。

The pipes are all taller than 2metres…. so when Melvin replied me via sms that he loves height, I was thinking… “oh oh hoho….you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into….:p “. 鋼管都高過2米,所以當Melvin簡訊我說高處的地方還滿讓他過癮,我心想,“你還真搞不清楚狀況。。。”

So by 8am we were all up on the pipes.. with the warmth of the sun on us….until it became really HOT (imagine the poor boys with the suits). 8點我們都順利地攀上鋼管。。早晨的陽光特別的舒服。。可是呆久了。。好曬啊 (可憐的男生還穿著西裝)!!


After a few hours of lip-syncing (and instrument-syncing) to the music, we went to shoot location #2, where there is a lovely YELLOW merry-go-round! 過了幾個鐘頭的對嘴唱歌,我們去場地#2;那裡有好可愛黃色的merry-go-round!

love merry-go-round!

But the real action wasn’t from me; it was from my 2 gorgeous and male and female leads, Louis and Adeline. Check out their sizzling chemistry! 可是到這裡呢我的任務已完成。漂亮的女主角Adeline和帥氣的男主角Louis 接班;他們的默契實在棒!

sizzling chemistry :)

This is my favourite scene (location #3) 這是我最喜歡的場景:

My favourite scene...

And check out the cosy Ukulele Movement (definitely a must-go if you’d like to buy a uke or take some lessons!) 如果你要買ukulele (或上課),一定要到 Ukulele Movement

Taping @ Ukulele Movement

Last shoot location (#4), at a very cool home 最後一個場景:

Last check-in

How did this mv come about? The objective was to publicise the song in HK, but to get someone to do it in double quick time, on hindsight now, everything was in order. 這支mv是為了在香港宣傳而特別籌備的,所以時間方面非常緊湊。現在回想起來,還真有意思。

How did I get to know the director? 怎麼認識導演呢?

I bumped into his motorbike 6 months before we did the mv. His motorbike is not a normal bike, it’s a ‘zing’ motorbike. He was however such a generous man, he let me off easy (hey i paid for the damages!) without giving me a hard time. Somehow he couldn’t help inviting trouble by trying to get a LITTLE more about myself (don’t think weird, he has a gf), and that’s how he got to know that I do what I do, and I got to know that he is a videographer! I’m not sure if he had known at that time the consequences of offering to do an mv for me if the chance arises but half a year down the road, he got what he asked for. I am thoroughly grateful for his generosity and kindness. :)拍mv的6個月前,我撞了他的摩托车。他的摩托车不是普通的摩托车,而是改裝過有特別配備的。他是個大好人,因為對撞了他心愛寶貝的我沒有大呼小叫(我可是規矩的付了修車費!)。沒想到他竟愛’找碴’,想瞭解我是做甚麼的 (不要誤會,人家是有女朋友的),這樣我才瞭解他是攝影師;他還誇下海口說願意幫我拍mv。半年後,他還真得嘗所願。我真的對他的大量和熱誠非常感謝。:)

A very big thank you to everyone who toiled for this mv: 感謝所有盡心的工作人員:Adeline, Louis, Jaye, Jerlyn, Jason, Edwin, Spencer, Angel, Connie, Dean, Kristen.

And special thanks to alldressedup for kindly sponsoring the lovely white dress, Ukulele Movement for agreeing to lend us their lovely haven, and Comb for my hair 🙂

特別鳴謝 alldressedup 贊助我白色的裙子,Ukulele Movement 讓我們借用了氣質無比的店面,還有讓我頭髮更漂亮的 Comb :)

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