The KL trip (beware: photo-intensive)

You have no idea how much I slept over the past few days. :p

The whole trip was tiring, mainly cos I didn’t sleep well with the new pillow, plus the excitement of exploring the fantastic room @ the ParkRoyal hotel. One of the funnie things to share is, many Malaysians I came across asked if it was my 1st time to Malaysia; my answer was always “Well, my father is from Perak” : )

Once we reached, we checked into hotel, and I zoomed out after 10min of make-up and a change of clothes. It’s usually times like this when I feel grateful for my NCC training back in sec sch days (haha).  Then we zoomed off to One Utama for a radio show where I had to tape  a performance:

4 Dec - Gearing up for live performance for 98.8fm 4 Dec - With DJ May-zi!

All thanks to 98.8fm, DJ May-zi who readily agreed to have me on her program. This is actually a pre-recorded show, so if you’re in Malaysia, it’ll be aired on 26 Dec 09, 3pm on 98.8fm. Other than 4 songs from my album, I also sang 3 Christmas songs… 🙂  We even had a gift exchange heeeeeee:

4 Dec - Our Xmas gift exchange :)

Then the next day was a hectic one all over again with the preparation for the performance hosted by CD-Rama @ Summit @ 2pm! This is cool:

5 Dec

I was really very touched to see some fans holding my album in their hands when I was performing. All in all, I felt reeeeeeeally welcomed 🙂

5 Dec - performance @ Summit

They even did an autograph session for me!

5 Dec - autography session 5 Dec - the organising committee and staff from CD-Rama staff

Honestly I’m still getting used to all these…. as much as I appreciate, it’s still weird for me at times…

5 Dec - with Chia Bean fr CD-Rama @ backstage

After the performance, we had a late lunch, then zoomed off to the TV station TV3! It’s so cool…cos One fm is inside the tv station! Again, all thanks to DJ Jack for having me on his program. That actually was a very enjoyable radio interview. Maybe cos he’s also from Perak! 🙂

5 Dec - One fm with DJ Jack! 5 Dec - One fm. Yeah!

5 Dec - One fm with DJ Jack

And with that interview, my work in KL ended officially~! Heeeeeheeeee.

Then I went up to Genting to catch a joint concert by 4 divas – 潘越云,万芳,齐豫,黄小虎.

5 Dec - Divas' concert

At first I was a bit hesitant about catching this concert, but at this moment in time, I am so happy that I didn’t pass it. Of course I don’t know most of the songs, well except for 我是不是你最疼爱的人,橄榄树,分不到你的爱,家后,割爱,and … 新不了情. Actually, when I heard 万芳 sing 新不了情, I felt like I had come full circle. I remembered the times when I was in 木船 as a part-time singer; this song is a song most requested for, and probably most sung. To have this song in my album was a little dream come true, and to hear the original singer perform it with my own ears… I felt like a part of my life had rounded up nicely. 🙂

听万芳唱歌是非常感人的。我是一个不易落泪的人,可是,她还没唱这首<<新不了情>>之前,我的眼泪情不自禁地流下了脸庞。那有多夸张啊。可是,就是那么夸张。万芳感性的声音,就好像是在安抚你的心… 就那么一句, “当时,以为过不去的,也都过去了。现在如果你也觉得..过不去,它总会过去的…不要让它挡住了你未来幸福的路… ” 接下来就唱了<<新不了情>>.. “回忆过去,痛哭的相思忘不了…” 加上现场saxophone手激动的演出,我想雪人都会溶化吧?




Thank you KL, I’ll be back to eat MORE food soon! :p

4 Dec - thai fusion chilli crab!6 Dec - Supper (part 1) @ Genting

6 Dec - supper back @ hotel6 Dec - A&W

Also a big thanks to my S2S family who took such good care of me during the trip. Happy happy!

6 Dec - acting out in shop

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