The Jap Boss who laughs

I can’t believe it. I just went for a sorta New Year Eve lunch with my jap company people. During one of the conversations, one of them asked me how I celebrated Xmas eve. I just said I hung out with my girlfriends. My Jap boss who sat beside me burst out laughing then tried very hard to quickly contain it. At first I was bewildered. Everyone else was bewildered, like, “what? what was the joke?” He continued to try hold back his laughing.

After 3 seconds, I quickly clarified, “Oh no, I’m not a lesbian”.
He shook his head and said in a thick Japanese accent,  “No no…. Hopefully next year… you will spend your Xmas… better “.
I got what he meant, and more like an attempt to pacify him, I said sheepishly, “Yes yes, I will get a boyfriend next year ”

I couldn’t believe it. He actually laughed at me! I could so feel his love for me. 🙂

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