The ideal wedding

Ok, I am not gonna take anymore performance booking for the rest of the year!

Cos, after consecutive gigs from 11th-14th Oct, I am now sick :( 🙁 :( :”(

Yes, I can’t claim medical bill from any employer, so I am choking myself up with Clarinase in preparation for the coming weekend performances.

Anyway, after doing so many weddings over the past few years, not only am I familiar with the sound system and soundmen/banquet managers/sales caterers of some venues, I am also thoroughly familiar with the programme itself. And it’s weird to me. Because truth is, modern couples are trying to break out of protocols, but the venues sometimes persuade the couples otherwise. For eg., some couples want to have the cake-cutting or the speech during an atypical part of the programme, but are somehow convinced by the captains that it’s better if they do it a certain flow –> actually it’s really just for the hotel/restaurant’s workers cos they’re used to the normal flow, and hence do not need to memorise each and every couple’s weird and random programme. Our creativity for our big day is hence slaughtered for others’ conveniences –> how sad?! But wait, there’s a way around it, and I’ve seen it happen. The solution is just 2 words –> Be insistent.

Or, sometimes, all the guest have arrived at 815pm, but somehow we all have to wait until 830pm cos that’s when the kitchen timed the food to be served.

Talking about programmes, some couples are totally clueless about wedding programmes (of course it’s forgivable because it’s their first time). But there are some who are meticulous enough to plan out a 5-min interval programme for the event. 5-min interval!? For people like me, I feel like hanging myself up a noose just by reading through it. Maybe they had to use some sort of alarm clock to get the act together for the 2-hr event (or gasp, whole day event from morning’s customary wedding till after the banquet).

MY ideal wedding will be….. the form of a house-warming.

Because I will elope with the man I love, somehow solemnise our marriage in Safari, come back throw a house-party and announce “Oh sorry but it nearly slipped my mind. We just got married over the weekend! Oh, no worries it’s ok, you can pass us the angbaos next time. We accept cheques and atm/internet-banking transfer.”

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