The ‘AGM’

A Little Dream AGM-Wacky

My business partner and I for A Little Dream usually holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our ‘colleagues’  i.e. fun-loving pianists, guitarists, bassist, violinist, percussionist, saxophonists, singers etc, along with their spouses/kids/bf/gf/potentials etc. Last 2 year it was at Jon Lim’s house so it was more wacky with Wii and Cranium (yes we still failed when we had to guess song titles). This year was at the function room of Serene’s condominum estate, no games, but we all got to talk more! Definitely no presentation on boring agendas or goals for 2009 and beyond etc. We just ate, talked, drank, joked.

Yes it’s corny I know, but well, we’re a huge group so it was about the best spot to take photo! (And it was still like half the group missing!). More photos here.

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