That Girl In Pinafore 《我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切》

This, is a local movie you should not miss. {Trailer}:

{Most nostalgic MV, for me }

I wouldn’t say “especially if you avid supporters of Xinyao music (Singapore original music from the 70s – 80s)”… I’d say that you should go even if you are neutral to the music. I love the twist in the storyline , and the Singaporean elements will definitely resonate with you.

There was a Xinyao sharing concert “An Afternoon with Xinyao” at the Lib@esplanade, and I was invited to sing an original, so I picked《我认识过的人》:

And one Xinyao song! I picked 《温柔的夜》。For some reason (I can’t recall now), I loved the serial drama 《舞榭歌台》a lot..and the songs back then were simply a real match for the drama.

With cast of 'That Girl in Pinafold' and Y.E.S.933 DJ Weibin #esplanade #that girl in pinafold
Taking a picture with the cast, the director, and Y.E.S. 933 DJ Weibin. And oh! Special thanks to @Shoppaholic for sponsoring the lovely black & white long stripy skirt!  (Purchase it HERE!)

With '小胖' and Xiaoting and Darryl from Replugged Music School. #replugged #that girl in pinafold #esplanade #xinyao

With music representatives from Replugged Music School…yes Kelvin 小胖was my ex-vocal student. Who would have thought that he’s now a movie actor? SO HAPPY for him! 🙂

With '小胖' from 'That Girl In Pinafold' #that girl in pinafold' #esplanade #xinyao

It’s still showing in theatres, catch it while you still can, on the big screen (it’s simply different!), and render support to excellent local works! 🙂

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