Thank you my friend (谢谢你朋友)

Looking back on my blog which is about me, I realised that I’ve lost, me.


I’ve been thinking a lot these days. About childhood innocence. Simplicity.


Getting in the thick of things can sometimes throw one off course and make one lose sight of what is truly important. Especially in an environment of ‘No’s and ‘What if’s and ‘But’s. In a climate of fear (of failure, of not being accepted in whichever ways), no real creativity can manifest.Though it’s inevitable that everyone changes over time, I think it’s important to always remember where one’s joy comes from, and passionately expands from there. To do things which one is not comfortable or joyful about is slow suicide on a daily dosage.

有时深在状况其中,人可能会迷失方向。尤其如果你是处在一个都是 “不可以”,”万一“, 和“可是” 的环境里。把自己困在害怕失败或不被接受的圈圈里,怎么能把真正的创意发挥出来呢?虽然随着时间改变是难免的,但我想,记得自己快乐的开始,从而积极地延伸是很重要的吧。长期做着不舒服或令自己感到不开心的东西,是一天一天的慢性自杀。。。

I’m not unhappy but I’m not happy too. Though I have to admit that the happy-guilty syndrome occurs sometimes. But I’ve come to realised that there’s nothing wrong with joy when it comes. I want to be joyful, and I will receive joy.

我没有不开心,但我也不快乐。我得承认有时会因为感到快乐而感到内疚。 但我想通了,快乐无罪。我要开心,我会迎接快乐。

Thank you my friend from the past. Thank you for reviving my childhood innocence; the source of my daily joy. The innocence and joy which led me to who I am today.


If I were to ever become lost again, I would remember my past, when I had nothing to start with, but myself and my enthusiasm.


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