Thank you Media

It’s crazy, and I am so humbled by the support for my new indie album from the media so far.

Catch the repeat of my interview on #CNA at 230pm!

First interview was a surprise for me,’cos I was invited to be on Channel News Asia (CNA), AM LIVE! (!!). It was a great interview, and probably the earliest interview I’d done so far (I woke up at 5am, woots!)

Somehow being in a news room with many tv sets flashing different news off, made me nervous! (or maybe I was simply hungry heh)
Catch me and #chisheng on CNA at 850am LIVE!!
And I gotta thank Chi Sheng (InTune Music School) for linking me up with CNA!

If you’d missed out the interview I did with Y.E.S. 933, check it out here
Interview with #weibin & #kunhua on Y.E.S.#933

My songs are now available on Y.E.S.#933 :)

My 2 songs 《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Know) &《哈哈歌》(The Haha Song) are now on a frequent rotation on Y.E.S.933 (yay!)…. have you heard them!? If you want to be a part of my indie efforts, you may vote the songs up the chart (yes!). Simply SMS “LHB (space)BEVLYN(space)《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Know) OR《哈哈歌》(The Haha Song)(space)YOUR NAME(space)YOUR NRIC” to 1460 72346. (Do note that every SMS costs 32 cents, and everyone can vote for multiple songs, but only limited to 1 song per person). We can make a difference! Afterall, this album is crowd-funded! 🙂

I also had a GREAT time catching up with DJs Chong Qing and Li Lian on LOVE972… They have ever been so supportive since my 1st album…*arrgh I wanna cry now!*

972 Interview 22 May 13

Chong Qing said that I’m like a familiar & stranger friend, and I agree… cos we knew each other 15 years back when both of us first started out performing in a bubble tea café… with Weilian for 1 year+. And then we lost touch. I saw him shine and rise above everybody else with his success through the years, but I didn’t really like getting back in touch with him again because he made it (I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea). Interestingly, there was one time when he fell off a slope while cycling and hurt himself rather badly, and I couldn’t help but visit him in the hospital… I was so relieved to know that he was okay (though rather badly hurt) . We lost touch (again, hah) after that…till this interview. It’s an amazing experience to reconnect every time, because he accompanied me  in my starting out years. Seeing him brings me all the way back to that space and time where things were very raw and naive. I guess true friends always pick up from where they left? I hope that the next time won’t take this long!

The interview with UFM 1003 DJ Ah Dong was… the most intimate interview I’d ever had. Incidentally, he’s also  the cinematographer for my music video 《我認識過的人》 (The People I’ve Known) … somehow I felt like confiding in a friend during the interview. Nothing I wouldn’t have not revealed though. I like to be bare. And why not?

Great interview with DJ Ah Dong #1003 #bevlyn #ufm #ahdong #hahasong

 (Youtube clip of these 2 interviews coming up soon, subscribe to my channel here!)

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