Tea with Gabriel Mendes

Gabriel Mendes 1, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Yes yes we did it again, take some photos for some publicity for the upcoming performance at Esplanade next year (yes they’re asking for photos now).

Only this time round, no more nature, but at a lovely café I discovered by chance. If there is any dream café in the world, this is one of them, right in the heart of Singapore. You MUST go there (Tea Café) and try any of the fragrant tea (my favourite has got to be the french rose tea) and the tea egg (which I believe is what we commonly call the Japanese egg). You should have seen the look on Gabriel when he ate the cuttlefish roll; after eating it, he was actually still generous enough to share a big portion of it with me.

It’s hard for me to be infront of the camera (no matter what you think). And I believe Gabriel had his share of laughter (at me) for that afternoon too.

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