I Weekly Music Review_24 Jun 08

I Weekly Music Review_24 Jun 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Peter was the first to inform me about this review on I-weekly. I was surprised, mainly because I had no idea my cd was going to be reviewed on the mag..but it was a very pleasant surprise, of course. Whoever passed my cd to Ms […]

Hong Kong Album Review on Ming Pao (明报周&#…

Hong Kong Album Review 21062008-v2, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. MSN: 23/06/2008 02:52:06 Cheryl : bev, just want to let you know that your CD review is on Ming Pao magazine this weekly 23/06/2008 02:52:13 Bev: WHAT!??? 23/06/2008 02:52:15 Bev: u kidding me! I was shocked, then pleasantly surprised. The magazine is called 明报周刊, a Hong […]

U-weekly mag_28 Apr 08

U-weekly mag_28 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Thanks to Tina who called me for a phone interview out of the blue one day. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, I thought it’s just a matter of time before someone picks up on the fact that there is a sudden influx of indie singers, […]

I-mag_28 Apr 08

I-mag_28 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. All thanks to Jac of I-weekly Mag who contacted me via facebook. It was really coincidental cos I-weekly contacted me 2 days after U-mag contacted me (see next entry). And incidentally, I-weekly helps to inform regarding my radio interview with Liyi of 933FM (on 29 Apr @ 420pm […]

Sina Music

Blue Butterfly has wrote another review for my album, this time round on SINA Music. It’s great that my music can be heard by people in China. He is quite a popular music reviewer and author in Guangzhou, and I’m really honoured. My HK trip is coming, I’m sure we can meet up then! Sometimes […]

EP Album Review

I have been most fortunate to receive a few reviews on my EP album ‘Lonely Afternoon’. Am going to share my joy here: Life!, The Straits Times (22 Feb 08) By Samuel Lee U Weekly 25 Feb to 02 Mar 08 by Tina My Paper (29 Feb 08) by Ken And one overseas one! What […]