August Breeze

French @ No.5, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Well it wasn’t really a breeze, like for most in the wedding industry. I had an exciting August I think: 1. Singfest on 3 Aug – stood there for 10.5hrs – record-breaking. I must have been crazy to do things of this sort. Even my NCC days weren’t […]


I’M SORRY IF THIS SEEMS A BIT OTT, BUT JASON MRAZ IS COMING TO SINGAPORE!!! 3 AUG 08 @ SINGFEST WOOHOOOOOOOOO!! Ok, I started praying to the Universe after reading Eat Pray Love. An excerpt: “I wish I could write a petition to God, asking for this thing to end.” “So why don’t you?” I […]

To Mr Jason Mraz,

Dear Jason, First of all, this may not be most appropriate place to write about this, but I am praying that you will read all your blog comments. I’m writing this to you because I’m very angry that a friend of mine is going to Perth to watch your concert in Aug, and I can’t […]

A Beautiful Mess + 如果

I feel pregnant with inspirations recently, because I’ve been recharging. Yeah! I’m glad I bought Jason Mraz’s album, because of that, I discovered a song I extremely love (that’s why you should always buy albums, cos the ‘hit’ songs are usually generally by rule-of-thumb, crap). I’m so hooked on him to the point of thinking […]

Live High

Jason Mraz (raw-ness + positivity) + France (Beaubourg) = Ba-BOM explosive happiness [youtube][/youtube] Lyrics