Interview with Singapore Motherhood

Thank you Singapore Motherhood for the interview. The Zika virus has gotten many people, especially pregnant women really worried about infection. Read about my thoughts and other mums’ thoughts here… Pregnant & worried about Zika? Find out what these mums-to-be are doing to protect their unborn babies


The Announcement + Interview with Livewell Baby

I suppose this would be the perfect opportunity to announce. I didn’t intend to hide beyond the 1st trimester, but … I suppose I lost the inertia to announce it (plus I realised that the paranoia doesn’t quite end after the first 3 months). So here I am, week 30 with a super big belly, […]

《新聲帶》Singsation – Joint Concert with Dawn Wong

《新聲帶》”Singsation” is one concert I never imagined doing. Yet when Ee-Fty approached me to be involved, I jumped in immediately. It is such a brilliant idea, to forge collaboration between indie artists/bands in Singapore. In fact, collaboration is probably the best way to go to increase listener-ship to the indie music community. I had the […]


FMindie 的 “網主” 說他認識我是因為他在UFM1003的空中聽到我現場演唱。那時因為DJ Ken瘋狂的一個提議,我就每個星期於好友上空中現場表演。 一晃,就5年了。 5年其實是一段不長不短的時間,但人不論在事業,愛情,求教育,健康方面,總至少會有一個轉折點。 在事業方面,從獨立歌手到被唱片公司簽約,然後再回歸獨立音樂,表面轉折是小,過程是大。 謝謝FMindie的5部訪問。訪問很開心,因為你見證了這個過程。 Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:


Zaobao Fukan 30 Jul 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. 承尧 telephone interviewed me yesterday, and today the article is out. How fast this is you tell me! Anyway, gotta thank Fresh Music’s Yu Neng for introducing me to 承尧 . I actually felt it more like a good.. chat than an interview…