Fresh Music Podcast part 2

And here’s the part 2! If you’re curious about how and why I went to Mackie Kitchen (Hong Kong) to perform in May, the difficulties I faced with regards to performance spaces in Singapore, as an indie singer here’s from the horse’s mouth.. And….Tien-yao and I have plans to go Taiwan to perform end of […]

Performance @ Mackie Kitchen

01 May 08_Mackie Kitchen, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Yes I am back! My best friend sms me at 1.45pm to check if I was back, cos she knew she would see me online if I was. Truth was, I was woken up by her sms. Yes yes, I was THAT TIRED! We didn’t sleep much […]

Hong Kong holiday/performance

In 2 weeks’ time, I’ll be in Hong Kong for my holiday! Yeah! I need a holiday sooooo badly. All thanks to Blue Butterfly, I get to know about this Hong Kong indie singer, aniDa, who is also the boss of Mackie Bookstore, a very cosy bookstore which sells all sorts of fantastic books and […]