Video Recordings in Foshan Radio Station

Lost: Play With Me: When I’m 80: Videos courtesy of Blue Butterfly’s Sonic Ericsson Mobile Phone lol.

Foshan (佛山) 03 May 08

Ra-ra, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Finally I’ve rested for enough days (though I worked like hell over the past weekend with 3 weddings in 2 days) to blog about my experience in Foshan! Schedule in Foshan was mad. Bus was at 9am, and we woke up really early because we are people who treat food […]

Peformance at Foshan (佛山)

Performance @ Foshan This is quite unbelievable. Soon after I’ve confirmed my HK trip, Blue Butterfly asked me to go over to Foshan 佛山 as he could get me to perform at jazz pub, and also go on a radio station (佛山电台音乐台, 98.5FM) for an interview. I was like – HAR!?? WOW. So I’m going […]

Sina Music Box

I’m thrilled that my music has reached people in China! Woohooo! All thanks to Kris my blue butterfly. (”,)