Sumptuous dinners at weddings


Ok, so I am a food person. But I don’t really snack (except for the occasional dark choc), but each and every meal to me is important. I do have times when instant noodles are good to fill the stomach and I’m happy with that, but the way to make it taste good, ah, that is a skill by itself. Truth is, I get bad-mood (to put it mildly) when I have a lousy meal.

In September, two wedding couples raised the bar very high when they provided dinner for me and my band. Ta-dah!

8-course dinner provided by wedding couple

Vincent and Huiling (27 Sept 09) ordered this 8-course dinner for the live band. I was still recovering from a bout of food poisoning but thank goodness I could make it to the wedding..and savour all these!

Bevlyn & Adeline @ Au Petit Salut

Adeline (pianist) and I having the excellent fish fillet for dinner at Au Petit Salut at Esther and Huan’s wedding (20 Sept 09). Photo courtesy of Eu Lee Photography. It felt so good to dine in the petit alfresco area with the breeze… I wished I could sit there all evening!

If you’re think I’m some high-food-expenditure-diva, I am not. I am equally happy with $2 chicken rice and McChicken. Haha. Do you have any good food places to recommend? Tell me! I can go the distance for good food!

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