Starhub’s ‘Happy Everywhere’ Movement (Part 2 @ Happy Bus)

Some years ago, I performed on a yacht for a wedding couple, so singing in a bus didn’t seem so daunting when it comes to balancing. But there was some logistic issues, which the crew did a fabulous job by flexing their creativity –> for eg. super cool way of strapping my ipad (of lyrics) to the bus railing:

Strapping my ipad to the bus rail in Starhub's Happy Bus

We pulled up at the bus-stop near Ang Mo Kio’s MRT station, and had crew with placards informing everyone that a free ride to Battery Road was available. And people who really stepped into the bus were in for a surprise, ‘cos not only was the ride free, it came with ‘live’ music… by Justin & me!

Starhub's 'Happy Everywhere' movement this morning. I spread happiness by singing in a bus!

Favourite moment –> when I sang ‘Umbrella’, people were really tickled and I was wondering why… until I realised that the crew were dancing under a huge green umbrella behind me!

Starhub's Happy Bus!

I can’t wait for the commerical to be out!

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