Southern Ridges – Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Nature venture part 2! We went to check out Southern Ridges, starting out at Marang Trail ….after too many pictures and cracking too many jokes later, we ended up at Henderson Waves.

2 special episodes:

1. I was telling Juliet I’d definitely go LA to visit her next year, in reply she said, “Oh, but you’re going to get all freckled up!”
– RIGHT. I’ve been telling her that my freckles problem is getting serious. What looks cute on a young girl do not necessary deliver the same effects when it’s on a woman. I was all cracked up because she was saying it a matter-of-factly, and I was wondering if I should hold back the visit because of that? So should I go??

2. We took a cab back to harbourfront (we’re not weak ok, we just need to accompany a ’secret pal’ to the main road to catch a cab) , and the “overly-friendly” cab driver actually said this when we reached destination,”How? I can’t bear to let you girls off the car now. Don’t go lah. Can I follow you?” Juliet got off the cab first while I stayed for the change so only my ears were stained. Trying hard not to show my disgust. I said “Oh. Can. Get off the car now then”. Then I slammed the door shut.


Anyway I sure am going back to explore the rest of the trail. Just no more cab ride back :)

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