Sleepy Rant

I am soooooooo tired.

I neeeeeeed sleep.

So many thoughts running through my mind these few days.

I’ve realised something about karma. They’re all manifesting to me especially this period, the good ones encouraging me to keep everything simple and pure; the bad ones mocking me not to erm, judge people too fast. …. I guess that’s how we all grow and mature.


I can’t make decisions! I hate choices, sometimes. I hate having to balance the pros and cons, and the worst is my emotions love to dip themselves into the pool of cards. On a small scale, I hate for instance, menus with tooooo many main courses, or drinks, their names sprawled all over the menu all shouting out to you. There are many other things I hate about, now that the album is out, but I guess I should shut up cos they come with it. It’s scary sometimes to see more ugly people at this point in time…Commitment, trust, commitment, trust, commitment, trust. Talk is cheap. When I think about what I want, I may not know what exactly I want. But I certainly know what I do not want.

Anyway, if you think I’m talking in riddles, that’s because I am. Just to get it out of my system.


I am so glad to hear that Monica is coming to Singapore in July. Elle me manque. Finally, I can practise my French on her. Afterall she’s the biggest reason why I learnt French in the first place.

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