Singapore Hit Awards 2013 – Nomination for ‘Best Local Lyrics’ (22 Nov 13)

I didn’t win the award, but I’m already over the moon! Contesting in this category were veteran lyricists 陈家明,小寒, and singer-songwriter 龚芝怡 (Serene Koong). When I was interviewed by Y.E.S.933 at the roadshow, my reply was: I am really honoured that《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) was nominated…. and…  I didn’t realise that my Mandarin is soooo good. Heh. 🙂

It is actually more a huge pat on my shoulder for this –> I  achieved this as an indie artist.
And this nomination really is a big pay-back to every single one who assisted me in one way or another in the making/publicity of this album. I am so thankful till this day.

The big night itself was entertaining with a lot of performances and dances. Photos time!

Makeup first, then hairstyling!
#Makeup done, now going to get my hair done. #suntec #sha #933

This year, we were at Suntec Convention Centre.

SHA poster


Selfie @ SHA2013

My partner for the evening was tadah ~~ Chi Sheng, who had assisted me so much (out of good will) with publicity for my album this year! I thought that he was dressed enough to receive an award!

with Chi Sheng

With the Freshmen 插班生

SHA - with Freshmen + Chi Sheng

With Karen Mok 莫文蔚

She was soooo friendly and warm. #Goddess #karenmok

With 草蜢 The Grasshoppers

SHA with Grasshopper

Btw, did you catch the road show I did for the Singapore Hit Awards 2013 at Square 2 on 20 Oct? the crowd was so crazy!

SHA Road Show 20 Oct 13

And I finally got the chance to take a photo with Olivia. We bumped into each other a couple of times but never had time beyond a few words to take a photo. 🙂

Olivia & Bevlyn 20 oct 13

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