Sing Along with Eric Moo @ Hwa Chong (巫启贤相约在华中)

Yes I was from Hwa Chong JC. It was a brief 2 year for me but I learnt many things non-academic. For a start, I joined PA/AVA wanting to learn more about things behind the stage (or on-stage, before the show). Ironically, PA/AVA was also the one who organised the annual Talentime. As a member of the club, I couldn’t participate, and I was…. so disappointed!!! -_-

Coming back to Hwa Chong as a singer hence was a full-circle thing for me. I was joined by veterans in the Xinyao music circuit, and also Lorraine Tan (we were in the same JC class!), and The Freshmen.

(Eric Moo and I during sound check)

(With veteran singer Pan Ying & Intune Music founder Chi Sheng)

(With senior programming director Peng Huishi & MP Baey Yam Keng)

(The crowd as so high that night!)

(…and so were we!)

And I also got in touch with a chemistry teacher who was the discipline mistress during my years – Mrs Lee (known as ‘Tiger Lee’ back in the days). I was a super obedient student, so she didn’t have any reason to ‘catch’ me. But I’ll always remember how stunned I was to know that she was really a very warm, motherly and kind teacher in class. Sometimes we really can’t judge a person by his/her cover; or in this case, the title. 🙂
(Below: with Diya & Mrs Lee)

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