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I wonder why, but it came true. When I knew that Simply Red is doing their farewell tour, the first thing I did was to visit their website and check if they would be coming to Singapore. No they weren’t. I was sorely disappointed. I even fantasize about going to London to catch their concert (and hence leave myself with a very very big hole in the pocket). I marked the date down on my calendar, knowing very well I would not go for sure because of gig commitments. I just kept praying.

Then ta-dah they announced they were coming to Singapore afterall! My kiasu instinct kicked in and I quickly bought a tix for myself. If you had known how worried I was (of not getting a tix), you’d laughed.. Yes, I am a hardcore fan though I don’t know most of the lyrics, but Mick Hucknall is a gem. Rarely do I find an artist having so much love, dedication, and talent to be so ernest in his music. (If you are not familiar with Simply Red, check out “Sunrise“, “Star“, “For Your Babies“, “You Make Me Feel Brand New“, “Holding Back The Years” and too many I can’t list down!)

Simply Red Final Farewell Concert

I have a lot of respect for artistes who dedicate their time (lifetime) to creating music and perfecting their skills (or any professions); sadly, the asian population’s attention tend to dive for younger and younger …and younger people. It saddens me when I hear people speak of his generation as ‘uncle’ (or auntie). It saddens me because I think that these people, are sad; everybody grows old, and if they cannot appreciate growing, and growing old as part of life, haven’t they thought of growing old themselves some day? Wouldn’t they want to be respected by the young? I think it’s simply an attitude that is passed down from one generation to the next….. but we can make a difference anytime we want to.  It is one thing to not be able to connect with an art because it is not related or relevant to your life, but to discriminate it because of the generation difference, I’d say it’s narrow-mindedness at work. Art is art and it’s timeless. It’s just down to personal appreciation isn’t it?

Final Farewell

Thank you Simply Red. I am so not over you.


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