Signed, Sealed, Delivering (New Album)

Finally, I can let out a yelp!

I’ve been holding the news with bated breath since late Aug, and boy it was really tough to receive great news, which for this, comes with the uncertainty and the possibility of a dream terminated prematurely for any random reason. Close friends certainly knew about it, and have been praying for me in all sorts of manners, really, thank you everyone.

The good news is, I am offically signed to S2S Pte Ltd. :)

The contract was signed this afternoon, and though there was initial talk of flying me to Japan to record the upcoming album, the decision was called off because I prefer to work with my local production team, at least for this one. It’s ironic I know, it’s also my dream to record an album with the Japanese musicians in Japan, but it’s the peak period for weddings, and I do want to keep my commitment to the couples who have already booked me (some as early as 1 year ago). Maybe for the one after this? :p

We’re starting production of the album soon, and if everything goes smoothly, it’ll be out next Feb. If you’re looking out for my own songs, I’m sorry, but this one will be mainly covers. Well, it’s afterall an audiophile company, so they’re focusing more on the voice and rearrangement of songs rather than my own works. But what keeps me very happy is, they will put my own works in the 2nd album onwards. That works for me :)

Honestly I’m contract-phobic. I love to be free, so to tie me down means they can really inspire me. And yes, it’s a dream come true for me, because my dream is to be an audiophile singer, and not a lalala pop singer catered to the mainstream Taiwan/China pop market. Before S2S, there have been 3 other companies/individuals who were keen to sign me up, but somehow it just didn’t feel right, and after reading so many contracts (shamelessly bugging my lawyer-friend for free legal advice), I think I’m getting quite used to the legal jargon. I hope following my instinct is right this time round, cos the company proves (at this point) to be very open to discussion, getting and respecting my views, and most importantly, positive.

And that is the reason why I was invited to perform a duet with Aiza a week ago. :)


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