Save My Bag (Made In Italy) – Finally a store in Singapore! #advertorial

Can you imagine setting up a bag business in 2013, and then by the end of 2015, has more than 700 stores across the globe carrying your bags? Check out Save My Bag. Incidentally, Oprah Winfrey was one of the first few customers because she loved it!

I was invited to the store opening at Wheelock Place (B1-05), and voila!, the colourful bags greeted me all at once:

SaveMybagThere’s good reasons why the brand exploded across the globe within 2 years. The bags are made of Poly-fabric with the LYCRA fiber (think swimsuit material), hence they are waterproof, and super LIGHT. The bosses initially created the brand of bags mainly to have them act as a bag cover over luxury bags (which are not waterproof). In the end they turned out to hold their own fort, and become a cult on its own! SaveMybag

When the Singapore boss Christine asked me to lift a bag, the bag swung upwards because I used too much strength. Each bag weighs less than a 330ml of Evian water bottle, but it can lift up to 15kg of weight. This is superbly suitable for people like me who like to lug water bottle, umbrella, and many other 有的没的 around. -_-|||

And with so many colours (30 in all, excluding those with designs), there’s something bound to suit you:


Or if you prefer something more funky, here’s one of them: SaveMybag A picture with

The inspiring people L-R: Melody (co-founder of Singapore Save My Bag, me,Valentina Agazz (creator), Christine (co-founder of Singapore Save My Bag)


And here’s me and my bag! Each of these costs SGF$159. Not bad at all considering that it is 100% made in Italy. Woots!

Save My Bag

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