Reunion after 13 years..

Reunion after 13 years.., originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

What’s one of the things that we have in common here?

We were all from the RVHS NCC (National Cadet Corp) group! The bride Geok En (on my left) was one of my cadets (she in Sec 1 while I was in Sec 4). How time flies! If I had told her 10 years ago that I would be her wedding-singer, she wouldn’t have believed. I probably wouldn’t have believed it myself either :)

I had a love-hate relationship with NCC. I still remember being drawn to the uniform, the idea of getting to shoot a rifle etc. Then it turned out that the weekly starching and ironing of the uniform made me nearly pull all my hair out; there were also the dreaded mosquito-fested and haunted camps, and of course last but not least, the men’s pushup we had to do on burning hot tarred carpark, reducing the skin on our palms and knees to bruises and cuts (we had to do 75 at a stretch at one time!), yes sometimes for no good reasons. All these of course, not publicised during the recruitment drive.

But I stayed. Those were not very fun times at all, but I’m glad I did stay to make me into the person I am today (for eg. punctuality, and if things need to be done, it means they have to be done, etc) Maybe it’s too tough on a child, but teenagers need to be instilled discipline. No?

And of course the best part is I made some wonderful friends who practically grew up with me.

Like the madam on my right, who is my ‘partner-in-crime’ to torture the cadets haha.

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