Rehearsal, and countdown to Concert!

Finally, a rehearsal for the concert on Friday. Hearing some of the songs ‘live’ by these fantastic musicians was great!

I’ve received many messages from friends/acquaintances/people I don’t know, and they told me that they could not get their hands on the tix for this concert…and asked if I could help. Arrghh!! I’m really sorry, but the tix are handled via Sistic, and I’ve no control over it at all. But don’t worry! I hope to bring my music to more people ‘live’, maybe in public venues in the near future. Will keep you informed here 🙂

Heading to a rehearsal with special guest performer Chester Tan in a bit, then a radio interview with DJ Ken on 1003FM from 11pm – 12am tonight, with Fatt! Will be singing on-air, do tune in if you’re free! 🙂

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