Recording day #6 (Rien)

Ok, so after a weekend of weddings and meetup with many people, I’m back at recording. It was interesting last night because I was recording a Spanish song! I had found my super pretty Spanish teacher, Alicia, through the internet, had 4 lessons with her on basic Spanish pronunciation, and sang and practised this song with her.  I think what I enjoyed more was her telling me about the Spanish people and culture, and the sharing of our takes on the French and Italien people :p

So I brought Alicia to the studio, and she told the producer to stop me whenever I got the diction wrong. It was a great experience cos even the producer was trying to learn Spanish from her lol. We wanted to record another song after that but it was close to midnight and while recording all I could feel was zzzzz…so we’ll continue tonight 🙂

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