Recording day #5 (Lee’s Love + Smell of Rain)

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What I see when I record (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Ok I am so over the moon now. We re-recorded that song meant for day 4, and I nailed it in 1.5hrs. If that were to mean anything, it probably means I’ve put on many years and gained many life experiences over just 1 day.

So we decided to continue with another song of similar theme, since I was in such getting-over-old-loves mood. And we finished the song in another 1.5hrs. Woohoooo! I felt like I’ve attained nirvana, like I’m so over lost loves, so zen. 😀

Anyway, I was told that Roger Wang arranged one of the songs. I love love love his arrangement for my song, and voila, how lovely to hear and see him on Utube play one of my fav songs, Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror”!:


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