Recording day #4 (Lee’s Love)

We didn’t finish recording this particular song today 🙁

We took 3 hours before I got the right ‘feel’ and recorded some takes. In the end, my producer-friend decided to call it a day, cos he saw no point continuing. This song is really written for someone with more life and love experiences, and hence his conclusion is, I just don’t have enough of that. I was like –> 🙁 I’m not quite sure if it’s a good thing to be too jaded which is good for this song, or not.

Nevermind. Hopefully it’ll be better when we continue on Thu. We’re roping the other producer in on Thu for this song cos ahem, he’s more mature than either of us. It’s a lousy feeling. But I’d rather we take 2 steps back to get a better recording!

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