Recording day #3 (Colour of the night)

Today’s recording started at 5pm, but my voice was only ‘ready for operation’ after dinner, at around 930pm :p

It’s official that I can only sing at night. We were all trying so hard to get good takes before dinner; strangely after I was happily fed, 90% of the takes can be taken. And I felt so relaxed and happy after food therapy that I actually ENJOYED the recording session after. Wow. I’m trying hard  to remember this sensation.

I used to hate this song, but it was chosen by the company. :p But now I think it’s a blessing in disguise cos the rearrangement actually made me fall in love with this song. It’s very very cool heh.

I’m fighting hard to use my hands to touch the 4 cats owned by Desmond the studio engineer. There was once I caressed a cat in another studio, and that cost me swollen eyes; it was only then that I realised I am allergic to the fur of certain types of cats. So to be safe, I really shouldn’t be touching any cats at all. I’m more of a dog person, but one of Desmond’s cats is so…..doggie in nature 🙂

I’m gonna bring my camera tmr to take some pics of this cool studio. it is a toy museum at the same time! Recording my favourite song tmr 🙂

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